Apply to Raise a Puppy

Puppy Raisers are critical to each dog’s success. We are looking for full and part-time puppy raisers. Puppy Raisers start on a week-by-week basis to make sure it’s a good fit for you and the puppy. Being a successful puppy raiser means helping expose the puppy to many enviroments and coming to classes with MWD on the weekends.

Here's What Some of Our Puppy Raisers Had to Say

Close up of black lab puppy with blue vest
"Being a puppy raiser has been a very fulfilling experience.  We had the fun of having a new puppy and learned how to properly train a dog to be well behaved.  We are a puppy raiser for a service dog that will go to a veteran in need, which is our way of giving back and saying “thank you” to someone who served our country, for our freedoms.  We had a child in the military, so knowing that we are part of the process of raising and training a puppy that will stand with a veteran and assist them means the world to us, one veteran at a time.  We plan to be a puppy raiser again, and hopefully for many years to come.  Our puppy became an integral part of our family, and has gone everywhere with us.  It is a lot of  time, but at the end of the day, the love we got from our temporary part of our family, is priceless.  And being a part of Mission Working Dogs, has been a good fit for us.  Being with people who have been a part of our military, and still support our military means so much to us.  We could not ask for a better organization."
Amy McLean
"We became aware of the impressive work of Mission Working Dogs when we first learned of Lucky at Leeds Central School.  My family has long family ties to the city and our grandchildren were near.  We love our home and gardens and the physical outlets they provide. We love staying connected to our friends from near and far. There is always activity around us and the laughter of little people fills our home.  But something was missing!  We needed the companionship and the joy of a dog.  When we noticed the opportunity to be a puppy raiser, it was a perfect fit.  We have become involved with wonderful and dedicated volunteers.  We have met dogs of every size and color, but always pups that are loved and on a mission to provide service!  Taking on this position has only had up sides.  There is physical and moral support when needed.    We recommend it to anyone who feels a need to give a little back and to also improve the quality of your own lives.  Bring joy to your life:  be a puppy raiser!"
Diane E.
Golden lab puppy in red service vest sleeping on side