Apply to Volunteer

We are looking for volunteers to help in various areas from fundraising to assisting with puppy socialization and training.

One way our volunteers help out is with Facility Dogs. Facility Dogs are specially trained to work with a volunteer handler to provide certain skills as well as therapeutic support to the facility. Such dogs can be trained in Service Dog skills to aid a group in a residential setting or clinic setting such as a rehabilitation hospital, school, prison, etc.

The dog is more than just a presence in the building but does not have any rights when leaving the facility unless accompanied by the handler and directly working with a client with a disability. An example of this might be a Facility Dog and the volunteer taking a person with a disability on an outing from a mental health facility to work on community integration skills. The Facility Dog could be aiding by calming and redirecting the individual, directing them to an exit during a health crisis, carrying emergency medications, or assisting with balance and physical skills. The cost of receiving a fully trained facility dog varies based on the skills requested by the facility.